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Garamba: Conservation in Peace & War tells the story of the successes and challenges of conservation in the wild of the Northern White Rhinos and their ecosystem, including one of the densest elephant populations in Africa. Through conservation efforts, the populations of both elephants and rhinos were doubled in 8 years and conservation of the five World Heritage Sites of the Democratic Republic of Congo was continued throughout the wars.

It provides a wealth of historical, ecological, scientific and practical information, together with the amazing experience of day to day life in wildlife conservation and growing up in a national park, presented in a readable way by those who lived and worked in Garamba National Park. It covers the start of conservation in the Congo and the first national park in Africa, the fascinating history of the first Elephant Domestication Centre and its revival, the practical challenges of conservation through peace time and wars, the status of the unique rhinos, elephants, Congo giraffes, and the current conservation with African Parks, and even bringing Northern White Rhinos back from zoos to Africa.


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