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Bath Soap Petitgrain & Geranium




Superfatted, naturally cleansing and deeply moisturizing soap. Good for shaving and washing. Ideal for sensitive skin. Palm-free & 100% Biodegradable.

Handmade, Eco-friendly and Vegan. All our soaps are handmade in small batches to maintain authenticity and human touch in every bar. The ingredients are sourced locally, and the oils, waxes, butters as well as essential oils and hydrosols are plant-derived and natural. They are not tested on animals, are chemical-fragrance free with no preservative. The ingredients are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers and manufactures, do not contain palm and the soap is totally biodegradable.

Triple Skin Moisturization. Our soaps have three types of natural moisturisers: natural fatty acids that remain in the final oil, glycerol from a variety of oils and shea butter after saponification, and the avocado wax. These together ensure that your body remains moisturized after bathing and prevent dry skin conditions.

Gentle Cleansing. The soap cleanses naturally using vegetable oils that are gentle to your skin and vigorous to any dirt present. Additionally, the non-oil part of the virgin cold pressed oils offer additional cleansing. The pH is just alkaline,  giving minimum harm to the skin.

The Natural Benefits. Our soap is made from cold saponification, without introduction of external heat. This way, all the benefits of the ingredients- from coconut oil to the shea butter- are retained in the soap. Similarly, the benefits of the essential oils and the hydrosol are retained.

Natural and Therapeutic Fragrance. The rose geranium is effective against congested skin, petitgrain reduces excessive skin sweating, tea tree is antiseptic and aids in the healing of wounds and rashes.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol. This is the co-product of steam distillation of our geranium essential oil. It has a rich, floral and sweet fragrance with wonderful rose-like afternote. It is antiinflammatory and cooling, with a calming effect on sunburns, rash and insect bites.

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