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Wrapped Kanga



The original fabric which is traditionally worn like a sarong or wrap around. Each kanga has it's own unique design with a border, central piece and quote in the centre. This multi-purpose fabric can also be used as a scarf, tablecloth, bedspread, baby-carrier or whatever you need!

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Adult, Biege/Grey, Black/Beige, Black/Green, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Blue/Biege, Blue/Black, Blue/Blue, Blue/Brown, Blue/Green, Blue/Grey, Blue/Orange, Blue/Peach, Blue/Red, Blue/White, Blue/Yellow, Brown/Beige, Brown/Cream, Brown/Green, Brown/Grey, Brown/Orange, Brown/White, Brown/Yellow, Green/Beige, Green/Black, Green/Brown, Green/Green, Green/Grey, Green/Orange, Green/Peach, Green/White, Green/Yellow, Grey/Cream, Grey/Orange, Grey/Red, Grey/White, Grey/Yellow, Maroon/Beige, Maroon/Blue, Maroon/Cream, Maroon/Green, Maroon/Grey, Maroon/Orange, Maroon/Pink, Maroon/Purple, Maroon/White, Maroon/Yellow, Orange/Beige, Orange/Black, Orange/White, Orange/Yellow, Pink/Biege, Pink/Blue, Pink/Brown, Pink/Green, Pink/Grey, Pink/Orange, Pink/Pink, Pink/Red, Pink/White, Pink/Yellow, Purple/Beige, Purple/Black, Purple/Blue, Purple/Brown, Purple/Green, Purple/Grey, Purple/Orange, Purple/Pink, Purple/Purple, Purple/Red, Purple/White, Purple/Yellow, Red/Beige, Red/Blue, Red/Cream, Red/Green, Red/Orange, Red/White, Red/yellow, White/Beige, Yellow/White


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