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White Luxury Cracker with Red Feathers


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Mix and Match

No matter what your style is, we’ve designed our collection of Crackers with flexibility in mind – so no more having to buy big boxes of crackers which leave leftovers you’ll never use, which will just go to waste.
Buy exactly as many Crackers as you actually need, in as many (or as few!) colour combinations as you like!

We’ve made sure our crackers don’t cost the earth.


Printed on Sustainable Green paper.
Screen Printed by hand using Eco-Friendly inks.
We’ve chosen ribbons that are made from recycled plastic.
All the gifts are handmade in Kenya by artisans we know.
Our crackers are made in Kenya by Kenyan women.


Great gifts for everyone!

We’ve hand picked a selection of locally handmade gifts for our crackers – making sure there is something for everyone. 
  • Kenya Kanga Collection accessories
  • Golfing Tee’s and Fishing Flies for men
  • A range of luxury goodies for both men and women from Cinnabar Green
  • Beaded Earrings, necklaces and bracelets
  • Hand carved Soapstone animals and trinkets
  • Assorted handmade leather and beaded key rings
  • Artisan beaded Christmas Baubles
  • …. and many, many more!
Say no to cheap plastic gifts that are thrown away almost instantly and say hello to sustainable, ethical, handmade gifts this Christmas.
*Items shown are for demonstration purposes only – colours and styles may vary slightly.


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