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PLEASE NOTE:¬Ý¬ÝMatchbox sizes vary worldwide!¬Ý

This matchbox cover has been designed to fit both Kenya’s Small Rhino Matchbox and the UK’s Bryant and May Pocket Matches as seen in the image below.¬Ý¬Ý¬Ý

The dimensions of these matchboxes are: 3.5cm x 5.3cm x 1.5cm.

If you are ordering from within Kenya¬Ý-¬Ýwe will supply the matchbox cover WITH a box of matches.¬Ý¬Ý

If you are an INTERNATIONAL customer¬Ý-¬Ýwe are NOT able to supply the matches due to their flammable nature. To avoid disappointment, before ordering, please be sure you are able to purchase matches in your home country that will fit this cover.

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19GM, Elephant on annabel blue, Elephant r/t navy blue, Feather on Black, Giraffe Drinking on orange, Guinea Fowl on lime, Guinea Fowl r/t Annabel blue, Hippo on bic blue, Kenya Shield on black, KenyanBirds(BeeEater)onRedBrick, KenyanFloweronLimeGreen, S Mutinda bird on Royal Blue, Sketchcheetahblack, Sketchzebrablack, Zebra Eating on signal red


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