Measuring 9cm x 9cm.

These square coasters and tablemats have first been cut and painted by hand before being individually decorated by hand, by one of our talented in-house artists.

Our coasters and tablemats are finished with a matt lacquer that allows them to be easily wiped down after a meal with a damp cloth, to clean them.¬Ý They should NOT be fully immersed in water.

They have a non-slip fabric backing which means that once placed on the table, they will not slip and slide about.

Heat resistant for normal table use, but not heat resistant for ‘straight out of the oven’ items.

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Africa Map on royal blue, Africamapjunglegreen, Africamapnavyblue, AfricaMapwithAnnabelBlue, BigFiveonBrickandWine, GuineaFowlFeather, GuineaFowlFeatheronPaleYellow, GuineaFowlFeathersonRedBrick, GuineafowlonpaleYellow, MudCloth, Rect Africa Map on black, Rect Africa Map on wine red, Rect Africa r/t Choc, Rect D Kinyua Big Five on jungle green, Rect Elephants r/t navy blue, Rect Giraffe Running on Lime, Rect Guinea Fowl r/t annabel blue, Rect S Muchiri Mixed Animals r/t chocolate, Rect S mutinda on Royal blue, Round Curious Giraffe on Black, Round Guinea Fowl pale yellow, Round Guinea Fowl r/t lime green, Round Guinea Fowl r/t rainbow, Square Feather r/t raspberry, Square Feathers on avocado green, Square Guinea Fowl Feather on black, Square Kenya Flowers on black, Square Sketch Animal Heads on black, Square Zebra Running on royal blue, Square Zebra Stripes on black


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