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A2 Blk & White





Wildlife art prints in A2 size


About the Artist

Philip Galley spent most of his adult life in Africa. His early years were

spent working for International advertising agencies in Nigeria and Kenya as

a senior member of their Creative Departments. His training began at a

very young age at Moseley School of Art and was completed at Plymouth

College of Art where he studied Fine Art, Lithography and did a Post

Graduate course in Photography and Graphic Design.


He painted throughout his life but began his career as a wildlife artist in

earnest when he returned to the UK in 1993. He missed the spectacular

scenery, the skies, the warmth and open spaces of Kenya and began to paint

wildlife in his garage in Hampshire. He published Limited Edition prints of

African wildlife which sold well and held workshop exhibitions in the north

of England. He achieved success at Christie’s Wildlife Art Auction, The

Mall Gallery in London, On Line Gallery Southampton, Marwell Hall

Winchester and other venues.


He had an opportunity to return to Kenya in 2000 and made his permanent

home there. He exhibited original work every year and has produced high

quality prints and cards in Kenya as he wished to make art more affordable

to those who cannot afford original work. In 2001 Philip started a company

called The Leo Collection Ltd producing images, cards and prints, for the

local and international market.


Philip worked until his death in 2017 in Nairobi Kenya, and the Leo

Collection is now run by his son, Alexander.

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Another Adventure, Black Rhino, Competition, Family Tree, Lioness & cub, Pride of Place, Shade, Sisters, Spotted


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